Clients’ Lives Changed Again!

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Elderly Couple Raises Their Grandchildren, Has Big Needs, Receives Jesus As Savior 

An elderly couple on fixed income called for clothing for grandchildren they are raising. The grandfather started cancer treatment with travel daily for those treatments. 

Their gas stove and dryer did not work...

Just before this need was discovered a volunteer from a network church had donated a stove. A used dryer was purchased through another gift to support clients.  Another network church purchased gas cards and shopping cards for added expenses these next few weeks. 

During the delivery of the gas/grocery cards by yet another network pastor, the couple received Christ and dedicated their lives to Him.    

She Never Held A Bible In Her Hands

A mother needed baby supplies. A network church provided them.  During this time, the Pastor and volunteers asked if she owned a Bible she replied “I've never even held a Bible in may hands."

During this time they were able to encourage her with teaching from the Word.  

This story is not over!  We can't wait to see how spiritual life blooms. 

Mother In Recovery Gets Her Smile Back

A client who graduated from a recovery program still was still making her transition.  She started working to save for her own place and her daughter.

She had major dental issues and was in need of a full set of dentures.  Together, the client saved $100, her church contributed $200, and Love INC matched a donor who paid $215.  

By bringing resources together, we’re helping this client smile again and experienced the love of Christ for her physical well being.    

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