The Secret Sauce of Why Love INC Works So Well To Transform Lives (There’s Nothing Like It)

This is the third in a series during our Spring $30,000 giving campaign.  We hope you enjoy and will consider making a gift this week.  

The Secret Sauce

There are many strategies to helping people in need.

Strategy is important. But it’s not the true power to change lives.

There’s a secret sauce to the power of the Love INC model.

And you probably don’t know what it is, or have only a limited understanding of why it works.

I’m going to sow the secret sauce just for you today.

How we help people in need is even more important than the actual help. How we help them has the power to change lives.

And that “how” is called redemptive compassion.

The Six Ways Redemptive Compassion Makes a Difference In Ways You Haven't Thought Of

Here are the six powerful ways that redemptive compassion works, which makes every dollar you give that much more powerful:

1. Redemptive compassion acknowledges the worth and dignity of each person: By recognizing the inherent value of each individual, “redemptive compassion” tunes into each person made in the Image of God with unconditional worth and potential.

2. Redemptive compassion focuses on relationships: Rather than just providing material goods or services, redemptive compassion prioritizes building relationships with those in need. This creates a sense of community and accountability that can help individuals overcome challenges and build resilience in a way that few others ever accomplish.

3. Redemptive compassion addresses root causes: Many issues faced by those in need are rooted in systemic problems such as lacking key skills, support networks, or connection to God through Christ.

4. Redemptive compassion is holistic: Individuals and families complex beings with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. By addressing these different aspects of a person’s well-being, we can address the whole person rather than defining them by their need.

5. Redemptive compassion is sustainable: By focusing on long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes, redemptive compassion creates sustainable change that benefits individuals and communities over time.

6. Redemptive is Biblical, gospel centered, and reflects Christ’s love: Redemptive compassion the command to love our neighbors as ourselves and demonstrates the transformative power of grace and compassion via the gospel in the lives of those we serve.

Your gift is multiplied in ways that go far beyond the numbers.  

The eternal and temporary path of peoples lives is changed because of your support.  

Please consider giving today:

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Clients’ Lives Changed Again!

Clients’ Lives Changed Again!

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