How The Three Levels Of Love INC Guarantee Transformation

Your giving supports three levels of individual and community transformation the name of Christ.  We liken it to building a house:

Clearinghouse Foundation

Most people are familiar with the Love INC clearinghouse.  

It receives requests for help, verifies them, and mobilizes the church to meet needs.  

Serving as a foundation and hub, the clearinghouse creates an effective and efficient strategy for connecting the church with people in need.  

But this is only the beginning...

Gap Ministry

When you process many requests for help and refer them, one sees the gaps that exist in the community.  

Armed with this knowledge, we help churches select and start much needed ministries.  

This is good news not only to those in need, but also to other helping agencies as they now have a place to refer their clients to these desperately needed services.  

By adding new helping services to the map in the community, the church plays a role in shaping the community into something new.  

Transformational Ministry

When clients are ready, they can engage the church in their deeper level needs like learning how to parent effectively, how the scripture can counsel someone in addiction, or steward their financial resources.  

These deeper level ministries can also include discipleship in Jesus.  

A walk of faith enriches those in need to support every other part of their life.  

A Total Plan For Transformation

When the church is mobilized at all three levels, the Name of Jesus is lifted up, and not only are lives changed, but communities are changed as well.  

This is what makes Love INC and incredible investment for your giving dollars.  

Would you consider giving today to help us finish our Spring Campaign?

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Clients’ Lives Changed Again!

Clients’ Lives Changed Again!

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