transformational ministry: lives being changed

Our Transformational Ministry classes offer clients an opportunity to experience hope for their futures as they gain practical skills to move from a state of need to a state of independence. The first class, Affirming Potential, begins on March 18, meeting weekly on Mondays from 12noon-2pm and continuing through Monday, May 20. Class starts with lunch each week so that there is a time of fellowship and encouragement.

We are calling on the Church to support our Transformational Ministry program; you, too, will be blessed as you build relationships with others and can share the love and hope you have in Christ.  

Can you help by providing a meal? You may serve with a team from your church or as an individual. We are also grateful for those who may want to offer support by donating gift cards so we can arrange to bring in meals as needed.

Use the button below for additional details and to get involved!