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Join us on a 5 week journey to raise critical operational funding for Love INC of Lorain County.  Each week, we'll share how your gift powers one of the most innovative and transformative ministries in Lorain County.  You can join us by subscribing to the weekly letter below as using the giving form below to give your gift.  

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How The Three Levels Of Love INC Guarantee Transformation

Your giving supports three levels of individual and community transformation the name

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Clients’ Lives Changed Again!

Don't read these stories if you don't like to be inspired. Our

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The Secret Sauce of Why Love INC Works So Well To Transform Lives (There’s Nothing Like It)

This is the third in a series during our Spring $30,000 giving

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The Magic of The Love INC Clearinghouse

This is the second is a series during our $30,000 Spring giving

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Launch Day For Our $30,000 Campaign Is Here!

I need your help.I am personally launching a five-week effort to raise an

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