Launch Day For Our $30,000 Campaign Is Here!

I need your help.

I am personally launching a five-week effort to raise an additional $30,000 for Love INC of Lorain County operations.  

Can I count on your gift to help us kick off this campaign? 

Here are nine good reasons why giving your gift to Love INC makes sense in these times:

  1. Love INC mobilizes practical help to those in need: Love INC's mobilization of churches is designed to address the immediate needs of individuals and families who are struggling with poverty, basic unmet needs, and other challenges. By mobilizing things like clothing, personal care items, and transportation, Love INC helps to meet basic needs and alleviate suffering.
  2. Love INC's relational approach fosters lasting change: In addition to providing practical help, Love INC's relational approach emphasizes the importance of building meaningful relationships with those they serve. By listening to their stories, understanding their needs, and walking alongside them, Love INC helps individuals and families to feel valued and supported. This relational approach can lead to lasting change, as individuals and families are empowered to make positive changes in their lives and to break the cycle of poverty and dependence.
  3. Love INC mobilizes churches and volunteers: Love INC recognizes that the Church is called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world, and they seek to mobilize churches of many denominations to serve their communities. By partnering with local churches and Christian volunteers, Love INC is able to leverage the resources and expertise of the Church to make a greater impact.
  4. Love INC is committed to systemic, gospel-driven change: While Love INC's services are designed to meet immediate needs, we also recognize the need for systemic change to address the root causes of poverty and need. Love INC keeps the gospel of Jesus Christ at both the front and center of all our efforts. More than a handout, Love INC invites gospel-centered transformation to the lives of those who are helped.  
  5. Love INC is a good steward of donor resources: Love INC is committed to using donor resources wisely and efficiently, ensuring that donations are used to make the greatest possible impact. The organization's commitment to transparency and accountability means that donors can be confident that their gifts are being used effectively and responsibly.
  6. Love INC is an established and reputable organization: Love INC of Lorain County has been serving communities for over 30 years and has built a strong reputation for excellence and effectiveness. We are trusted not only by churches but also by local agencies such at Lorain County Children’s Services, Lorain City Schools, and Alpha/Georgia House.
  7. Love INC provides essential training to local churches: Love INC is able to provide support and resources that help churches to better serve their communities. Love INC offers training, resources, and networking opportunities to churches, helping them to be more effective in their ministries.
  8. Love INC serves a diverse range of communities: Love INC's services are available to individuals and families of all backgrounds and beliefs, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. This commitment to serving all members of the community reflects Love INC's belief in the inherent dignity and worth of every person, with the hope of sharing the love of Christ with them.  
  9. Love INC transforms local lives and local communities in the Name of Christ: Love INC's mission is to mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ. By providing practical help, building relationships, advocating for root cause change, and mobilizing churches and volunteers, Love INC is making a significant impact on Lorain County. Donors who support Love INC are part of a movement that is working right here in our community!

Conclusion?  Your gift to Love INC is a proven way to make a lasting, even eternal change right here where we live, work, and worship.

Can I count on your gift today? 

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Clients’ Lives Changed Again!

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