Helping Churches Help People In Need

Love INC of Lorain County has helped hundreds of Lorain County churches get outside the four walls of the church to make a transformational difference in their community.

Unique Time Saving Opportunities

Love INC creates custom, verified opportunities through the clearinghouse to minister to pre-qualified individuals and families.  

Spend more of your time ministering to those that need your unique gifts and talents. 

Consulting and Training

Love INC provides expert consulting to church leaders on designing effective outreach ministries.  You'll have the peace of mind knowing you're starting out in the right place.  

We also have a variety of training for individuals not in church leadership on how to effectively minister to those in need.  

Strategic Approach

Rather than being reactive and unplanned, Love INC can help you be strategic in coordination with other churches, individuals, ministries, and even civil and other organizations.

Stop duplicating what has already been done and use the Lord's resources more strategically.  

Read to Get Started?

We'd love to hear from you.  

Reach out to us for an individual or church consultation.