General Orientations

Learn about how you can express your unique talents serving those in need through the Love INC strategy and model.

Join our Director, Bruce Colbert, and our People and Program Manager, Tara Slatt, as we share:

  • How you can use you can use your unique talents to serve those in need
  • How the Love INC Clearinghouse works
  • How the church is advancing Christ’s Kingdom in Lorain County

Clearinghouse Orientations

Learn what is means for you to be at the tip of the spear...the Love INC clearinghouse is the front line for receiving requests for help and encountering and processing real needs.  

Join our Clearinghouse Manager, Sandra Tuskan as she shares about:

  • The Clearinghouse Roles
  • The Love INC Client
  • The Intake Process
  • The Mission and Mobilization of the Church

*General Orientation is recommended in conjunction with the Clearinghouse Orientation and will be required if you choose to serve in the Clearinghouse*Have questions about orientation? Please call Tara at (440) 322-5683 x6 or contact us online.