Love INC Helps You Make A Bigger Difference.

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Our Clearinghouse..
  • Connects the resource with the need
  • Verifies that needs are legitimate.
  • Mobilizes volunteer resources to triple financial investments
  • Works with other non-profits and government agencies.
  • Helps Businesses give back to their community.
  • Helps Churches serve real needs
  • Gives individuals service opportunities that match their time, talents, and treasures

Every day, thousands of families, children and individuals in Lorain County go without basic life necessities..

...what if you could give or volunteer to a strategy that helps the legitimately needy, and that your efforts would be tripled, serving more people in need than ever?

A strategy exists that has proven to successfully do exactly this. It's been duplicated over 135 times across the country, and it's being done right here in your community of Lorain County...

Learn more about how the process works.
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