How Our Process Works:

  1. Receive request for help. Requests are received either directly from a person in need or the person in need is referred to the Love INC office by a a network church or local agency
  2. Assess the need. Specially trained Love INC volunteers or staff screen the request for extent of need and legitimacy, and discover any deeper issues fueling the crisis.
  3. Provide help. The request is referred to the most appropriate Love INC partner church, agency, or organization. Volunteers swing into action, providing whatever resources or outreach programs are appropriate to address the need(s).
  4. Follow up. Volunteers follow up to ensure the need was met and to offer prayer and spiritual support from churches. Love INC offers assistance to anyone in the community who is in need.
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We Connect You and Multiply Your Unique Contribution

Are you an individual looking for easy opportunities to serve the poor and needy?
We'll provide you with manageable, verified and hand picked opportunities to serve. Let us know how you'd like to serve. Looking to multiply your giving? Because of our unique model, every dollar given to Love INC of Lorain County is multiplied into 2-3 dollars of goods and services for the needy.
To give online, go here. To volunteer, tell us more about yourself here.

Are you a church looking to connect with the poor and needy in Lorain County? Get involved with our monthly service projects, such as our hugely popular Clothe-A-Kid For School or contact us to set up a presentation to your group or church that uses your members unique talents to serve those in need. Contact us to tell us how you'd like to get involved.
Are you a businessman looking to give back to your community? Because of our unique model our ROI is unparalleled: Every dollar given is multiplied into 2-3 dollars of goods and services, and we save the community thousands of dollars by eliminating fraudulent or duplicated services. Learn about the Love INC business advantage.

Are you a pastor looking for help serving poor and needy? Love INC removes the burden of verification so that you can focus on meeting legitimate physical and spiritual needs. We can also mobilize your congregation to reach out by identifying talents and providing service opportunities in your neighborhood. You can refer people in need right away and contact us to learn more or set up a presentation in your church.
Give Online.

To tell us about how you'd like to be involved, email us...